Small Business Setup

Business is business, whether online or offline. There is no magic online that will make your business generate instant riches. While it is true that an online business requires little investment, the fact still remains that you have to invest first, both financially and time wise.

Web marketing is a successful small business setup. When AdSense first appeared on the scene a few years back, most webmasters who already had websites saw it as an opportunity to earn revenue from their websites.

First of all, you need to know how Google Adsense works. Individuals like you and me, or even companies, can use Google to advertise their products. The program where you can produce your ads is called Google Ad words.


Since there are many people creating ads using this system, Google needs help from others to put their ads on their sites. This is the reason why they created Google Adsense. The main problem with this great program is that a website owner does not get paid simply by placing the ads on his page. He needs visitors to click on the ads in order to make money. There are many techniques and key factors that help optimizing your page to get the maximum clicks through rate.

How to start?

First, you need to build your website around high paying keywords, these are used by advertisers to create their ads. Believe me, if you search the net to find high paying keywords you'll stumble into lots of scam and very expensive informational marketing products that claim to have lists or softwares that give you that kind of information. The second key factor to your success is to build your site around the ads in such a way where they should get the maximum clicks through rate. There are many courses and books published about this kind or technique. I found videos to be the best source for this kind of information.


  • Built a team just 3 to 4 people.
  • 3 to 4 computers.
  • You can make this setup at your home.
  • Internet connection.
  • Just look after your team.

My investment & earning?

  • Just invest 140,000 PKR.
  • Earn minimum 1000 US$ per month.
  • Get your earning on monthly basis.
  • Your will encash your earning by your name.
  • This money will directly transfer from Google.
  • There is no middle man between you and Google.