Job seekers

Job seekers can earn money while looking for a job. If being jobless, you can work and generate reasonable income for you and your family. That is a good way to earn money without borrowing it from loan companies, friends and family.

Retired personals

Would you like to become your own boss and work directly from home? Join OBF Pakistan and earn reasonable income while working at your home. If you are facing income problems regarding retired life, you may register with us and earn online with Google. It is a good option for old age people who can still read and write and are fit enough to earn their own living.

House wives

Which is most comfortable online jobs for housewives. Housewives will remain free after household work or want to help her husbands regarding financial problems, they can also join us and work at home. No need to go outside for any kind of job.


The main problem with our students, because they used to watse their much time on internet while chating and net surfing. Teenagers are not likely to find or make money online. Minimum age is 15 years old. Internet experienced/nonexperienced workers are able to effectively work at home. If they work with Google, they can also earn reasonbable income for his/her pocket money.

We needs

People who want to work sincerely for themselves.