How can OBF help me?

When you start your training, OBF will help you in below mentioned steps:
- Your registration in Google
- To make attractive website.
- Display contextually-relevant, unobtrusive ads on your website automatically.
- Fill unsold inventory.
- Avoid giving impressions away for free, serving no ads, or losing potential revenue.
- To market your website so that maximum traffic divert into your website.
- How to maintain and check your registration account.
OBF and Google will compete on price for your remnant and house inventory. That is, AdSense will only deliver ads through OBF if it can pay you more than the alternatives.


The forum is available in English and Urdu. They are working on making this new platform available in Lahore city, but people from different cities may join. If you can just read little bid English, you can join and get training and take advantage of Google earning program.
Anyone who owns or is thinking about creating a website would be crazy to ignore this. OBF happy to say that making money with your site, no matter the topic, has become easier than it's ever been before - and it's 100% legitimate. You will be able to earn money from that traffic and probably turned a small profit. Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by displaying these same text ads on your site. In other words, you're helping Google advertise and they pay you a percentage of what they earn.

Your income will depend on:

- the topic of your site (if you have high paying keywords you stand to earn more).
- responsiveness of users to ad (are visitors coming to your site with blinders in their eye or do they look
- at the ads as additional complementary resource).
- traffic (you earn more with more traffic, even if you have low paying keywords or other metrics).
- how you implement the ads on your site (some positions and colors work better than others).

I suggest you join the program (you've got nothing to lose as it is free) and see how your site will do with it. I've been with Adsense since June 2003 and it's been a GREAT income generating program for us. So for me, Adsense is definitely worth it..

Other OBF guidence

- Avoid too small content on a every page
- You must keep in mind the targeted ad while writing content. So, be key word detailed.
- Simple sites perform better : If your site contain menus upon menu , pictures etc, it will distract the visitor.
- If your site have menus upon menu , imges etc, it will divert the visitor from clicking those Gooogle ad,
- So be easy in designing the site and earn more money.
- Google’s mix ad and images. It is pragmatic that an AdSence ad close to a image perform better. So try it.
- Keep Ads top of the page and is at such a place that the visitor don’t need to scroll down to view the ad.