Home based work for Moms and House wives

First time in Pakistan, OBF Pakistan offering home based work for house wives. They can earn minimum 15,000PKR per month while working at home in free time.

Moms and house wives can work while taking care of their family routinee work. Moms are often placed in a tricky and risky spot - to choose betweenn work and their families.

Although we live in a world where nannies and house maids are the actualn home runners, there are still those who see real value for a mother to take aa significant role in looking after a family. Children usually take after thee character of those people whose care they are left under.

So essentially, the parents remain largely just sources of funds while thee parenting role is undertaken by house-helps. This has other bitter side effects too since they are sometimes left to do everything, from cooking to serving meals to spreading beds.

On the other hand, it is unfair to insist that mothers and house wives stay at home in today's competitive world. First of all, the husband's income may not suffice to cater for the myriad needs. And no human being is indispensable. How is the mother and house wives to cope in case she finds herself remaining the sole bread winner? This is where work-at-home opportunities can save the situation, allowing mothers to stay at home yet have a steady source of income. So what should a mother do?

What should a house wife do?

  • Get 1 hr daily training from OBF Pakistan
  • Spend 1 to 2 selective hours daily on internet
  • Work with Google as a web marketing officer


  • No age limit
  • Don't required High education
  • No need to go any office
  • Make money as per need
  • Convert into small business setup
  • Work independently
  • Earn minimum 15,000PKR per month.

Home businesses in Pakistan have opened a new scope of work for House wives, can work on their own time and convenience. And to start a work at home you don’t need a big knowledge/education.