How Can I join?

Before you go and join OBF Pakistan, read this to improve your chances of getting accepted. If you are a internet users, you may join this program. Before join, you will follow some basic steps.
Step1: All new applications are screened by OBF Pakistan before send to Google. Google wants all applications with your own website. Your application will approved by Google robot "bot". It checks the content of your site, and the number of pages within your site, and a few other factors important to Google. OBF will fulfill these all requirements on your behalf.
Step2: If the "bot" gives an initial "ok" to OBF for your site, it is then quickly reviewed by a Google employee, that finally decides if your website can be accepted into the program. You then receive a welcome e-mail from Google's and OBF team, and you are ready to start serving Google’s earning program with on behalf of your website. You have only one chance to register in Google. OBF will send your application after fully review, because we have a professional team. You will be notified by Google's and OBF Team that your website cant be accepted into the program at the moment, including one or more reasons why. At this point you should closely watch the reasons stated, and make the necessary changes to your website, OBF will guide you for this all. earning is the biggest issue in world. In Pakistan, we are facing many kind of crisis due to our economy’s disaster. Our major problem is unavailability of jobs. In this scenario, job seekers can join us for home based online earning program and remove or reduce his/her financially problems. It’s not a job, it’s your own business. Work more and earn more.

Evaluation of your application usually takes up to 72 hours.

Roll of OBF

OBF will pay close attention to the following, and make sure that your website meets the following BEFORE applying to Google, after that you should follow same things:

  • Make sure that your website has original content, which means your
    pages should contain valid information - not link farms.
  • Create minimum 2-3 pages of content, each with different information about
    your websites subject..
  • Create title, meta tags, and headline (H1) for each page.
  • Order a domain to hold your pages, free hosts are more unlikely to get accepted.
  • Make an easy to use navigation
  • Include a sitemap on your website, that clearly identifies each page and a small
    paragraph on each page.
  • Make sure that your website doesn't include content that are not allowed by Google
  • Don't serve other text bases ads
After training from OBF, pay close attention to OBF and Google's Adsense terms, and make sure that you understand it - then make changes to your site that you think might be in violation

It's easy or difficult?

Dear friends! It's not easy for you, but this all is very easy for OBF Team. After training you can do this all yourself. OBF gives you the guarantee of your application’s acceptance by Google.

How much I can earn?

Webmasters who use Google Adsense earn everything from $10 to a few hundred dollars per day while 1 to 2 hra working. Webmasters who make a lot of money per day from Adsense generally have a lot of websites earning, fairly than just the one. Making money through Adsense has not anything to do with Adsense itself. Making money is all regarding your websites. You require making sure first of all that you create a site that will attract an viewers that is involved in what you have to say or offer. If you can get the target visitors then you are roughly there in terms of creation money from Adsense off your site