Google Adsense Payment Method

In this website I will describe about the payment method of Google Adsense. It is very important for you to know about Adsense payment system before join Google earning pogram. There are three types of payment system in Adsense program. Those are:

Receive Checks.
EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer).
Western Union Money Transfer.

As an trainer and Google Adsense publisher, I strongly recommended that you must choose EFT or Western Union to receive your money. Because receive money via Check is a very lengthy process. Google send money at the end of the month whereas you earn the money till the last day of previous month. So after wait a month you may wait another a month or two if you want to receive money via Check.

Now a question come that is why the people select Check? This is happen because Google does not allow ads publishers all around the world to receive money via EFT or Western Union. But there is a way to receive money via EFT or Western Union from any country. The most of the publishers have relatives live in the country which Google allow that two ways to receive payment.

Preferable payment method

Also we are getting our payments through Western Union’s channel, so if you are a Google ad publisher you must try to join with an address or country which allowed for EFT or Western Union. OBF will arrange for you the payment method. Remember one thing all the countries where Western Union Money Transfer is available are not allowed by Adsense. Only fourteen countries including Pakistan allowed for Western Union. You may search lidt of concern branches/outlets. You may encash you earning through Wester Union without no any debit charges.

Payment pin code

There will be a pin code sent to the address given by you and a test amount to your given account when your Google account reach 10 dollars. So you must keep in touch with your correspondence address you give for Google registration. You must collect the correct Pin Number and the correct amount reach to your relatives account.

Usually Adsense send about 1 or two dollars with few cents (such as .85 or 1.45). Remember cents are important. You must submit the correct number of dollars or other currency received with cents.