Our programs

Welcome to our programs. As you know that we are not only Google AdSense trainer and web designer, also we are running a some business websites.


OBF launched it's job portal named www.merarozgar.com. It's a complete
job website there you can find employer and employee.


OBF launched a unique matrimonial website www.familysession.com. It's a vary good site where you can find life partner. There you can chating online with other subscribers. Usually other matrimonial websites charged much money for registration, but we charged very affordable

Certified web application developer

We are offering courses
- Webpage authoring using XHTML, HTML / DHTML, CSS
- Implement Interactive JavaScript
- Rapid website development using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
- Designing Databases using MySql4 & MySql5
- Developing dynamic and data-driven website using PHP4 & PHP5
- Publishing, Maintaining & Marketing a Website

After this course student will be able to
- Develop interactive Web pages using XHTML, HTML/DHTML & CSS
- Create interactive forms that capture and validate user input using JavaScript
- Capture, retrieve and display information via a MySQL database
- Effectively use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX for rapid website development
- Enhance PHP programming skills to successfully build interactive, data-driven web applications
- Establish, configure and maintain an intranet or Internet Web site
- Designing & Using XML Web Services in PHP
- Create interactive and rich user interface of the web application using AJAX
- Deploy, Maintain & Market Web Sites & Web Applications