Linux - RHCSA

RedHat Certified System Administration

The RHCE is the most worthful certification and its certificates granted upon passing the RHCE exam, performance-based test on online equipment that measures actual competencies at server system administration, setup of networking services, network security, diagnostics and troubleshooting. RHCE is a world No.1 certifications in source family. It has two parts.

RHCSA - RedHat Certified System Administration

RHCE - RedHat Certified Engineer

RHCSA - Linix System Administration Part 1

  • Difference between Windows and Linux, Unix
  • Linux installation and Auto with kikstart method
  • Directory structure of Linux, Admin commands and getting help
  • User management, password aging policy, and local permission
  • Disk Quota and ACL
  • OS kernel and modules installation
  • System backup, data compression, process management
  • Networks configuration and NIC management
  • Software RAID management
  • Making partition and backup by using RAID
  • LVM (Logical Volume Manager)
  • Boot process and run levels
  • Password breaking and grub password
  • Troubleshoot of Linux With Linux Rescu

Course Duration:Two Months - Timing: 75 Mint per lecture - 3 Lectures in a week with labs

Registration Fee 5,000

RHCE - RedHat Certified Engineer Part 2

Linux Server and Security
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a popular data sharing server use to downloading and uploading big size company data via FTP server.

Network file service NFS is a most popular service in UNIX family use to share any directory only for Linux and UNIX machines. Windows base OS can't access NFS share.

DNS with Bind:
Domain name server resolves websites names and IP. This server is the basic need of any networks. Without DNS concepts no one can make them seles a good network administrator.

DHCP server provides automatic IP configuration to client. The basic task of DHCP server is to provide automatic IP address and subnet mask, gateway and DNS een domain name and time server entries.

Web Server Apache:
Apache is the number one web hosting server in world. Hosting a website and multiple sites with http and https protocols and also protecting these with Apache password.

Mail Server:
Managing mails routing with mails, send mails and postfix and configuration dovecot as POP3, IMAP, and squirrel mail with Apache as a web mailer.

Proxy Server Squid:
Squid is a proxy and caching server controlling and monitoring internet traffic, managing internet traffic logs.

IP tables (firewall), xinetd, TC wrapper, PAM, Selinux rules, NMAP

Course Duration:Two Months - Timing: 75 Mint per lecture - 3 Lectures in a week with labs

Registration Fee 5,000