If you want to register yourself, OBF required:
  • Two passport size photograph
  • Complete filled application form.
  • One copy of CNIC / Passport / Citizenship card.

Website for registration

Google required one new website for your registration. If you are unable to make website, we will make a website from your name and will forward to Google for your registration.

Training steps:

You training based on three steps
Step 1
Registration in Google: When you sumbit your application form, we will take 2 to 3 days for domain name registration and registration approval from Google. Once your application approved, you will be life time register in Google
Step 2
Fisrt 6 days: Our offered training based on 12 hours. You will come first six days for 1 hour daily. In first six days you will take classes regarding how to make more web pages, how to update website and how to get ads by Google on your web pages.
Step 3
Last 6 days: Last six days, you will learn that how can you market your web site. Divert maximum traffic on your web site and earn money through visitors.

Time required

When you sumbit your filled application form, OBF will take 1 to 2 working days for get approval from Google.

Training timming

You will take your training on individually basis. You will come 1 hr daily for two week. If you are outside from Lahore, you may come for just two full days only, OBF will complete your training in two full days.

Online training

If you are outside from Lahore and unable to come, you may online training. Also online training available for Lahore based females.

Application form

For download application form, click here

Registration Fee

Our registration fee is 7500 PKR. Also we are providing online training for lahore based/outside lahore females only. If you outside from Lahore and unable to come, you may get online training through our reliable and friendly user software.

Discount policy

No discount facility available.

Bank Account Detail: