Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a realistic action to promote and to get a high page rank of your website/blog over web so that your site/blog does well in the organic, crawler-based listings of world’s largest search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.. We can say, we can process of optimizing website to get better results by search engines and other sources. We divided SEO process is divided in 3 steps and OBF Pakistan offers SEO services like these:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • On-site Optimization
  • Off-Site Optimization

A) Keyword Analysis

We analyze the site for keywords, manually and using tools both ways. First of all we understand and analyze business model of the website then do competitive analysis, and identify best selling related keywords and key phrases. After analyzing we discuss it with our clients (you), and with combine discussion select relevant keywords for first iteration, which expected to ultimately give us the relevant traffic. And finalize site targeted keywords for SEO. [This process repeats as we do keywords revision analysis each month again, to make sure our site is grooming in right direction]

B) Onsite optimization

This includes Meta tags, sitemaps, content updation, site W3c validation, onsite media optimization, creation of landing pages, some off content hidden fields updation in the site, etc. We only use white hat legal techniques. We can either do it ourself or can provide a list of exact changes to your site developers [Incase you have separate coding partners

C) Offsite optimization

This is a major ongoing activity of search engine optimization, we do link building for analyzed keywords (or key phrases) for specific web pages, using many technique and ways like
  • Articles Writting and Submission
  • Blogging and Guest Postings
  • Content Publishing Sites (like hubpages, vox, squidoo, ehow...)
  • Blog Commenting and Forum Postings
  • Directories Listing
  • Book Marking
  • Press Releases
  • Link Exchange (with other webmasters, 2-way or 3-way)
  • Social Media Promotion
This is a continuous work and takes few months to show better result.

I believe you understand that SEO is a continuous task, so we work on it monthly basis (with yearly or half yearly contracts). Can also discuss if you want it for some specific time or tasks, in that case each task to be done will be discussed.

Provide weekly updates on the progress with site rankings/results on targeted keywords and phrases. Review our SEO profile (clik here).