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Earning is the biggest issue in world. In Pakistan, we are facing many kind of crisis due to our economy’s disaster. Our major problem is unavailability of jobs. In this scenario, job seekers can join us for home based online earning program and remove or reduce his/her financially problems. It’s not a job, it’s your own business. Work more and earn more.

Our Message

Currently unemployment is most big issue of world. According to statistic review, more then 40% people are jobless or facing job threats. In this scenerio, people searching 2nd income. Our mission is to remove unemployment.

We are offering training for:
  • Job seekers.
  • Retired personals.
  • House wives.
  • Students.

Part time/full time

IF you are a job seeker and facing unavailibity of job, you can join OBF and earn from Rs 12,000 to unlimitted according to your work . If you think it is enough to get Rs10,000 you can work as an partime. It is now free to Join offer.Consider engaging in a business you would do for little or know pay. What kind of structure do you want for the business. A large number of people are joining the internet marketing business. read more

Small business setup

The introduction of Google's AdSense advertising program is a good thing for small business setups. The reason is that adsense allows advertisers which are targeted to the specific content of the web site to place ads on the pages that the web site owner selects and the web site owner is paid a percentage of every click on the ad. Whether you decide to start a business, it will time depends on how much you hope to get from the business. read more